A History of Excellence

Claude IIIYou want to know who is handling your pool and landscape work — and if they are actually qualified to do it. Reef Tropical is upfront about who they are and how their experience sets them apart.

Claude Kershner III, an entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA, founded the company in 1998. Originally called Sebastian’s, the company grew into a high-quality pool and landscape company and became Reef Tropical in 2001. 

FIU DBA Portraits 2-221-1Now, there are over over 100 qualified team members at Reef Tropical servicing South Florida — and they continue to expand. One of those team members is Claude’s son, Claude IV, who is the President of the company and adding to the family atmosphere. Our MISSION is to "serve the customer" and our VISION is to "grow and invest in our people". We believe that our ability to provide a service is only as good as our people. 

Whether you're looking for pool services in Miami or landscape maintenance needs in Key Largo, Reef Tropical has the experience and history of excellence to handle your needs.

They have a large umbrella insurance policy and a trained team of professionals, giving you real peace of mind handling your project. Another way they provide top-notch customer service is with timely responses and a fully staffed customer service department. 

You can call during business hours and always get a human response. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to wait days or longer to hear back from a professional for site visits and estimates.

They show this same appreciation and respect to their staff by offering above-industry-standard wages, health care, a 401k and other benefits. Let them show you how they can get and keep your water features and landscape looking pristine year round! 

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