About our service minded team: 

Lazaro Mendez: 12 South Drive - “Sue is awesome! She handled my Spa situation immediately and had the mechanic on site right away; before my renters checked in. Plus the mechanic went above and beyond and even jumped my fence to get the spa back up and running right away. You have an amazing team and I can’t thank them enough.”

Larry Peterson: Property Manager -  I wanted to take a minute to tell you how good your team has been for me. I worked with you at my previous job with Facundo Bacardi and when I moved to my current position, I took you with me. Having Reef Tropical and your team simplifies life. From Dave to your service team and our technician, Salomon, everyone is always on there "A" game. Salomon takes the initiative to know the equipment here and to do a great job for me always. When the pool looks good I look good. Please thank them for me as we all get busy and don't take the time to say thank you.

Michael Miles: 16 Harbour Green - “I wanted to thank Tarah for being so attentive to our pool. She noticed that the pool lights were always on and reported the occurrence; she is truly wonderful!”

Rj Holbrook: 5 Caloosa Rd - “Our Pool looks amazing you guys really did an amazing job! Thank you!”

Sue Askew: 325 South Harbor Drive - “I really appreciated Dimary and her delivery. She has been patient with me and kind while helping with my account.”

Javier Perez: Marquis HOA Management - “Major kudos to the pool team especially Sheldon and Sue! One of our pool pumps went down early in the AM and Sue handled everything for me and the pump was replaced same day. Service, does not get better than this and your team should be proud!”

Yaritza A. Morris - “Great work to Cindy and Brittany on servicing my clients in Miami Beach! I was confident I was sending the right people when the client asked me for “top-of-the-line service”

Tom Cantellas: 132 Stromboli - “We live in California and come to the Keys every month or two for a week or so at a time, for a get away. Your team has always given us great service!”

Kathy Zumkehr: 420 Coral Lane - “In May 2019 I purchased my new home and signed a pool renovation project with your team.  Everyone I spoke with, including Dave Minchener, in the office was great and informative. The communication I received from Cindy especially was impeccable! I particularly enjoyed the updates that included pictures and were always honest and personalized. Then when I finally came home to see my new pool I was blown away with how beautiful it looked! I am so happy with the sales process, customer service, and quality work experienced with Reef Tropical. Your company is running a top notch pool service organization and my family and I am so grateful for your help and experience. I also meet Tina our pool technician and I’m happy to say it was a great meeting.

"I'd like to tell your team how thrilled we are with the coping! We are very pleased… the specifications for our overall landscaping design has been beautifully. We love the integrated look, and think the angled concrete control joints you suggested work to give it a very tailored, mitered-corner "frame" appearance… perfectly defining this feature. It's a simple but classic look and we couldn't be happier! Thank you and your company for making our home such a lovely retreat." 

Elizabeth Hooker - Key Largo Resident

"A big THANK YOU for the fabulous job my lawn crew did for me last week. Fabulous job! I also appreciate the extra step one of the fellows made to ring the bell and let me know that they finished up, but would do the remainder the next time. Great job!" 

Mary R. Brady - Ocean Reef Club Realtor & Homeowner, Key Largo 

"Reef Tropical did a fabulous job installing my new yard! They did a great job in selecting quality materials and installing the job with timely and efficient communications." 

Loretta Zimmermann - Ocean Reef Club Member and Homeowner, Key Largo

"Our experience with Reef Tropical Construction has been a refreshing change in today’s marketplace. Ultimately, a client’s first concern isn’t about how much a company knows; what truly matters is how much they care." 

Ashton and Shannon Eldredge - Ocean Reef Club Member and Homeowner, Key Largo 

"These guys do great work and are willing to go the extra mile to make their customers happy! I have worked with them for years and recommend that you contact them to get an estimate for your yard, pool or next job. You don't want to have to do it yourself (or worry about)." 

Chef Buck Donnelly - Florida Keys 

"Thank you very much for the prompt response. The pool and the landscaping you installed at 433 S Harbor look great. They were one of the reasons we liked the property so much. I look forward to doing business with you." 

Brian Philips - New Ocean Reef Club Homeowner, Key Largo 

"Thank you very much for your design and services. We have received many compliments on our new front yard and Richard and I are very pleased with the outcome. It vastly enhances the overall look of our home. Thank you for transplanting and maximizing the sargentii. There are no signs of stress and the plant looks happy and healthy. The transplanted marlberry and the new gieger are budding new leaves. Your choice of color for the purslane, peachy and white, blend well with the brick. We have been watering the new plantings but fortunately, mother-nature has been doing most of the watering for us (Great timing). Your workmen were very respectful and informative. Thank you kindly"

Lisa and Richard Warren - Homeowners in Miami, FL  

"My husband and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work your tree crew did over the last 2 days. Yoel and his guys were pleasant, polite, industrious, and tidy. Our trees, bamboo, and mangroves look great. After building our home in Islamorada, we are well aware of how hard good help is to find in the Keys. Your guys are winners."

Sandy Collins - Homeowners in Islamorada, FL 



"Thank you for sticking to your word, in making Blue Water Apartments a priority.  The result stands for itself; Blue Water hasn’t looked this good in a long time. I wanted to reach out last Friday after the crew was here. It was lunchtime and I took the opportunity to check out the progress. I was grinning ear to ear for about an hour. The trees and shrubs were shaped and cleaned out. There was a sea of leaves that they had un-mounded from underneath the shrubs from the median in the parking lot. I was able to walk under the trees without ducking, and the sidewalk shrubs were trimmed back allowing more than one person to pass at a time.  This is just some of what I saw. Throughout this week, I’ve notice more and more of what they got done. Bravo!

A sincere thank you to Reef Tropical and the landscape maintenance crew for your attention and concern for Blue Water Apartments"

Rachel Burke - Property Manager - Blue Water Apartments, Tavernier



“I just wanted to write and tell you that I am so pleased with Reef Tropical’s work at my home. The work you have done to this point is much better than I expected and I am difficult to please sometimes. You and your company have been very professional, detailed and totally responsive to your customer. Thank you."

Robert C Sorenson - Ocean Reef Club Member and Home Owner


Tarah Adams, your pool route supervisor, is simply the sweetest, nicest, kindest, BEST representative Reef Tropical could ever have. She has cared for my property for over 20 years. Tarah has become part of our family. She always has a warm happy smile and time to "catch up on life" as she sticks to her work. Our pool is always perfect! She's often automatically handed a cool soft drink on arrival. I understand she has been promoted to a supervisor position. We are very happy for Tarah and her well-deserved promotion.

Another great employee is David Minchener, who always handles the "Reef Heat" with a smile. I can always count on David 24/7 to get it fixed in a pinch.

Third honorable mention goes to both Claude Kershner III and Claude Kershner IV. I may be seeing double at my old age? Positive company culture always starts at the top, and Reef Tropical is a perfect example.

Thanks to all at Reef Tropical for the many years of very fine, friendly and "family" service.

Bruce Macfarlane – Ocean Reef Club Member and Homeowner