TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Pool Maintenance 

Additional Service Policy: Repairs/filter cleanings/special water treatments under $150 will be performed without prior notification. Any charges that are over $150 will be communicated prior to performance, unless told otherwise. 

Arrival Policy: Properties are all on a set schedule and performed within a route. Most residential pools are promised to be cleaned each week. This varies with commercial properties. The Customer Service Department and the Technicians will change the schedule to accommodate your upcoming arrivals – within reasonable notice. Any additional cleaning outside of the regularly scheduled maintenance is an extra cleaning charge, as determined by Reef Tropical staff. We do our best, at our discretion and as a courtesy, to move route schedule prior to arrival. Unfortunately, this does not work in all cases. 

Heater Turn on/off's when requested as follows; will not be at an additional charge: 1.) Requested for homeowner's usage 2.) Requested for homeowner's arrival/departure for the season. *However, please note if your property is participating in a rental program, based on the frequency of requests, heater turn on/off's will be an additional $35 charge per request. 

Automatic Renewal Policy: This agreement shall automatically renew, unless either party provides notice to the other of its intent to terminate or alter this agreement. Notice should be communicated thirty (30) days prior to original agreement date. (i.e. If original agreement date is June 1, 2018, then the alteration request is due May 1, 2019).

Cancellation Policy: Customer reserves the right to cancel service at any time, with a 30-day notice. Any payments made in advance, i.e. annual payments, would be refunded accordingly. Upon cancellation, a final statement will be sent to the client for review and should there be any pending balance, payment will be due immediately upon receipt. 

PAYMENT. We prefer to be paid by check or money order. We require a credit card on file prior to start of work. Payment schedule should be reflected on proposal. If not, payment is due in full upon signing proposal. In the event any balance due Contractor is not paid within 30 days of Contractor’s invoice, then the Customer shall be in default. If you elect to pay with a credit card, there will be a convenience fee applied to your payment. 

Delinquent Accounts: Reef Tropical reserves the right to initiate collection procedures if the customer’s account is 90-day past due. Reef Tropical will attempt to collect past due by first calling the customer and then sending an e-mail to the customer. Customer shall be responsible to pay interest at the rate of 1½% per month (18% per annum) on any unpaid amount and to pay all costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, incurred by Contractor in collecting any outstanding amount due under this Agreement, or enforcing its rights hereunder, with or without suit. Proper venue for any litigation stemming from this Agreement will be a court of competent jurisdiction in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Reef Tropical will set the payment schedule and submit to client for approval. Without adherence to the payment schedule, Reef Tropical reserves the right to stop work. Non or late payment will affect the completion time and schedule. The customer will continue to receive phone calls and emails from Finance Department. If the account continues to be delinquent for 120 days, the customer will then receive a final notification from our Finance Department stating that the credit card or checking account on file will be charged the balance due with incurred late fee accrued and a cancellation of service will ensue. This is the last option and we have hardly ever had to do this. 

Disclaimer: Reef Tropical will not be responsible for any damage to property due to acts of nature, fire, vandalism, misuse or abuse. Reef Tropical is not responsible for the performance of any chemicals it does not sell. Customer should be aware of normal deterioration of equipment that occurs over time due to exposure to chemicals and/or sunlight. Due to these factors, Reef Tropical recommends other annual services (e.g., annual tune-up equipment, filter cleaning) above normal maintenance. The customer is responsible for maintaining the correct water level and keeping trees and plants trimmed away from the pool/spa and equipment and maintaining equipment by authorizing annual service to equipment. Reef Tropical is not responsible for any damages or deterioration caused by failure of Customer to perform other services recommended by Reef Tropical or by failure of Customer to properly maintain pool and equipment between visits. If you have any complaints or concerns regarding frequency or completeness of service, you must call Reef Tropical at 305-367-2005 within 24 hours after the service occurs or was scheduled to have occurred. 

INSURANCE. Contractor shall carry standard form workers compensation and general liability insurance and Customer agrees to look only to Contractor’s insurance relative to any claim arising from Contractor’s performance hereunder.

WORKING CONDITIONS. Customer is responsible for advising Contractor in writing prior to commencement of the work of the location of any life safety systems, utilities, as well as objects or structures which could be damaged by Contractor’s personnel, machinery, materials or vehicles.  Customer is responsible for providing ingress and egress to the work site. Contractor's employees shall not be required to work in hazardous, improper or unreasonable conditions, and the Customer agrees to address these conditions to Contractor’s satisfaction as well as cooperate with Contractor to provide a safe and proper working environment and to not interfere with the progress of the work.

CHEMICAL DAMAGE: Chemicals to treat water features are corrosive and can damage expensive wood floors, carpet and surrounding areas. Even plain water left spilling over can be damaging to floors, carpet and drywall and the areas below the water feature. REEF TROPICAL POOLS, can not be held responsible for damage to floors, carpet or surrounding areas. Due to these factors, REEF TROPICAL POOLS recommends: 1. Redesign or renovate for a plan for water overflow (drain) and chemical minor drips or spills (improved access, mats or special carpets), 2. Service water feature ‘in house’, we can support you and provide monthly chemical checks and mechanical support and preventive maintenance on equipment. The risk is still there (or maybe greater). 3. *Recommended* Continue as is with us holding us harmless when that mistake inevitably happens.

COMPLETION AND ACCEPTANCE. Customer shall immediately inspect the work performed by Contractor and any aspect of the work not acceptable to Customer must be specifically noticed in writing to Contractor within 5 days of Contractor’s performance of its work. Contractor shall then be given a reasonable opportunity to address such issue.  A full and complete acceptance of the work shall be presumed upon the Customer making payment.

Jurisdiction Venue: This agreement is enforceable in all Florida Counties