Pools age and have normal wear and tear like every other part of your home and landscape.

To keep your pool and spa mechanical devices functional and looking updated, you may need some renovation or repair work. We also highly recommend an annual preventative maintenance program, since these components are exposed to the elements.


Our renovation and refurbishing services will help give new life to your pool. Here are some of the things we can add:

  • New plaster finish
  • New lighting
  • New waterline and step tile
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Automation
  • Acid washes

Common Repairs

From cracks to filter damage, we can also repair your pool so you can start enjoying it again.

With a trained team of mechanics available for dispatching, we are capable of diagnosing and repairing the full spectrum of needs. This service includes fixing equipment, leaks, chipped tiles, ladders, skimmers, drains, plumbing and more. We will work to repair any issues.

We handle pool repair in Miami, Key Largo and all of South Florida.

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