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Beat the Florida heat, create a tropical paradise or display your artistic flair with a custom water oasis.

The accredited team at Reef Tropical has been offering general consultations, site visits, plan evaluations, pool and spa installations and help creating professional designs for nearly 25 years. We craft stunning water features for both existing homes and new construction in all of South Florida — from Key West to Weston.

Each pool project is different depending on its scale and complexity. We will consult with you upfront about permitting, time frame and budget. We have all of the necessary licenses, liability coverage and insurance for you to feel safe and secure with our team.

Get Started with a Pool & Spa Consultation

One of the first steps to having a stunning pool is scheduling a consultation. We work with both general contractors and homeowners to walk them through every aspect of a pool project. That includes permitting, pricing, time frames and specific recommendations about automation, water flow, water quality, additional features, selection of finishes and tiles, equipment, lighting options, location or pool and equipment, surveying and more. Our team is here to help you with all of your questions and concerns. These service are offered separately and also as part of a complete pool installation.

What Can You Expect During the Design Process?

Creating a functional pool space is like putting together a puzzle — each piece has to fit together, from the pool’s layout to its surrounding deck. Having a professional design the space is vital to make the most of your pool investment — and to make sure it all works together. We offer a basic level of design work. To elaborate on a design idea and make it work well architecturally and functionally, we’ve been working with Aquatic Consultants for years. If you decide to work with them, let them know you were referred by Reef Tropical. The design team will talk with you about what you want, your style, what makes you happy and how you plan to use the space. They will create and show you a design, making changes if needed. Once you approve the design, we can start moving forward with the installation.

Don’t Forget Add-On Features

Want to enhance your pool’s entertainment and aesthetic value, while also incorporating your unique style? We always suggest elements of pool design in the upfront planning stages. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Additional features could include waterfalls, lazy rivers, music under water or even a vintage mermaid hanging from the spa’s back wall. These can be added during or after construction, although it will save time and money if they are part of the original design.

How Much Will a Pool Cost?

We typically build custom pools that are very unique in nature. The price for a pool depends on several factors like its size, materials needed, complexity, location, soil conditions and add-on features. To use a simple baseline, a 15-by-30-foot pool with no spa and a 3-foot to 5-foot depth will cost between $70,000 and $85,000 depending on specifications. That price includes things like permit expediting, engineered plans, excavation work, form and framing, steel placement, plumbing, concrete, equipment placement and connections, basic finish with waterline tile and a few months of maintenance. Price will fluctuate with anything larger or more complex (i.e. a pool spa combo, benches, shallow lounging areas, additional tile finish, infinity edges, etc.) 

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