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Reef Tropical

Customer Service / Hospitality Team

Ashley Gonzalez - Director of Customer Service - Service Minded Leader

AshleyAshley has demonstrated excellent customer service and is providing a light for everyone around her by example. She was trained by Walt Disney Company and joined Reef Tropical two years ago. There is nothing she can not handle and does it all with poise and professionalism. She has developed relationships with customers, property managers, internal team members, subcontractors and vendors. She has quickly picked up on pools and landscapes very and can speak to any issue. If you ever need a hug, stop in and she will be sure to give you one. She is very friendly to work with and is training a department to act as she acts to best take care of customers and accomplish the mission of the organization. 

Landscape Design, Build & Maintain Team

Chad Folds - Senior Vice President - The Fearless Leader

ChadChad is a highly motivated and creative person. He has strong interpersonal, leadership and communication skills. He is organized and able to manage multiple projects in a fast paced, multicultural environment. He has broad professional experience, which includes a lot of account management in the horticultural industry. His conversations direct towards ensuring a client is well pleased with all aspects of their landscape. He has over 30 years of management and sales experience with a sincere commitment to excellence. Chad's skill set is versatile and unique to perform each task with precision and confidence or to find a specialist to help if he feels the need.




Linda Marquez - Vice President - Traction Team

91911648_257675235247142_7035501007484223488_nLinda is originally from Venezuela with over 7 years of Experience in Customer Relations and financial operations at Reef Tropical. She has recently expanded her knowledge in horticulture and is one of our best landscape visionaries and creators. Ask Linda about some ideas on creative improvements and she will be sure to impress and within your budget. Linda has a unique perspective as she has worked closely in all aspects of the landscape operations and plays an active role in the entire customer experience to ensure loyalty in her customers from start to finish. She is a mother of four children and volunteers regularly at her community church in Homestead, FL. We are so very grateful to have Linda on our team and to coach and train others. 



Angel Berrano - Landscape Foreman & Field Supervisor - The Installer

91352651_258056351875697_4210153679157723136_nAngel is a service minded leader who executes, leads charismatically and loves the customer interaction. He is originally from Guatemala and has been working in the landscape and irrigation industry in South Florida for over 10 years. He is a husband and a father. He thrives when placed in a position of instructing a team around him to stay efficient and focused on the mission. Yet, is reasonable when it comes to the intensity of the work and the Florida heat. Whenever a customer can watch Angel and his team operate, they will always respect what we do and give homage to the ability of his team to execute. We are very blessed to have been working with Angel for many years and encouraged by his on boarding of leadership responsibility. 



Jeff Hammond - Landscape Maintenance Field Supervisor - The Executor 

91461198_257675178580481_7757736007830601728_nJeff has consistently demonstrated his willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure properties are well kept and customers are satisfied. For many years, Jeff took care of the highest level of maintenance customers with specialty landscapes. After proving his workmanship and quality of service, he moved into a supervisor position to coach others to do what he has done. Jeff has an extensive knowledge or turf management, irrigation systems and maintenance best practices. We are truly honored to have Jeff work with us for many years and take on additional responsibility as the company strives to improves regularly.  



Pool & Spa Design & Construction Team

Alfredo Gonzalez  - Director of Construction 

picAlfredo is a value driven leader who cares deeply for team and family. He is a Certified Pool Contractor and has been on the forefront of the South Floridian pool industry leadership since 2001. He specifically enjoys the customized design and estimating process for intricate and innovative water features. He has a deep understanding in the value of relationships to effectively execute on projects with internal staff, subcontractors and business administrators. He has a long resume of beautiful pool construction projects that are being serviced and enjoyed today. Alfredo has been married for over 40 years, has three children, five grandchildren and is an ordained minister. Reef Tropical is honored to have Alfredo and his family sow into the pool construction legacy by consulting and executing for our clients - and equally as important, to teach and train our team of service minded leaders.  


Kevin Krupp  - Senior Project Manager 

1606950753489Kevin is a doer and and a creator. Nothing happens without leadership and Kevin is a man who makes things happen. He has 20 years of pool construction and consulting experience in South Florida. He specializes in both residential and commercial installations and has worked on challenging projects for sophisticated clients. He can oversee all aspects of the process but enjoys the details of project management to create the water feature his clients love. He helps lead our teams towards loving the trade. He has many relationships with subcontractors and industry vendors for proper team approaches. We admire the way he coaches and teaches those on his team and he also has a knack for organization skills and production output. Grateful to work with Kevin and looking forward to building together at Reef Tropical into the future.


Josh - Estimator & Sales Consultant

91488565_258058255208840_5613456950894264320_nJosh has been in the construction industry for many years along with a formal education. He is capable of delivering highly sophisticated and detailed proposals and explanations to customers about pricing. He is one of the best pool consultants in the world. He is also great at simplifying the process to easily understand. He wears many hats in the process but focuses on pool consultations with perspective clients and ensuring that projects deliver how he consulted. 

He has great relationships with vendors for pricing and works well with his internal team to generate first class estimates and presentations for clients.



Sergio Serrano - Project Manager

Sergio Serrano

Sergio has been a dedicated and loyal construction professional with the Reef Tropical Team for over 8 years. He has built award winning pools that have international recognition. He has seen pool construction from many different angles and always perseveres though challenges. We are very grateful to have Sergio's wisdom, experience and leadership for our construction workers along with our subcontractors and vendors. 






Pool & Spa Maintenance, Repair & Renovation Team

David Minchener - Senior Vice President 

DavidDavid has 28 years in the pool service industry and truly enjoys making people happy. His level of knowledge makes it easy for him to answer questions and remedy all pool inquiries from construction to maintenance.

Correspondingly, David's team is top notch: "By having a mechanic, a builder, pool cleaner, customer service representative and chemical expert on staff, I am able to complete all jobs with efficiency." David won the 2015 Best of Key Largo Award for Swimming Pool Coping, Plastering & Tile. David also won the 2013 Industry Leadership Award AQUA Magazine.


Cindy Lopez Price - Vice President Service 

12317686_1071759476201239_1789049544_a.jpgCindy has worked with Reef Tropical for a combined eight years. She has long standing relationships with customers, property managers, internal team members, subcontractors and vendors. She knows pools and landscapes very well and can speak to any issues as she has seen it all. She was the Director of customer service and recently moved to specialize in pool operations and works closely with her team to increase quality and create sound processes each day. Cindy is very friendly to work with and is training staff to act as she acts to best take care of customers and accomplish the mission of the organization. 



Mike Lewis - Vice President Repairs

ML-051204-edited.jpgMike is one of the first to arrive each day and does everything it takes to close the loop on pool repairs from Marathon to Boca Raton. His team is the best in the world at what they do. As a child of a military drill sergeant and 16 years of pool experience, Mike Lewis has developed integral skills to lead a team of field mechanics. Mike’s loyalty and experience brings value to the customer service experience and Reef Tropical Pools.

He is running the pool mechanic division to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of work. He is ultimately running the most advanced and capable pool mechanic team in the state of Florida.  



Sue Hulsbeck - Sales Manager Repairs 

SueSue came to Reef Tropical in 2012 and has become an important part of the Reef Tropical team.  Holding various positions in the company has equipped her with the knowledge and experience for understanding and fulfilling Reef Tropical’s customer’s needs.

Sue has resided in Key Largo for the past 27 years and is no stranger to customer service.  With a degree in business management and administration, she has managed various establishments in the Upper Keys prior to joining the  Reef Tropical Team. 

With her love of family, loyalty and commitment to the Reef Tropical Team, Sue loves her customers and is always eager to provide the best customer service experience.


Sheldon McDonald - Service Route Manager 


Sheldon is leading a team of pool techs that clean and service thousands of pools & spas a year. He moved from Plantation, FL after working for ECO Lab and Pinch-a-penny. He immediately embraced his leadership role and actively invests in his team. He cares deeply for our customers and shares in his "service minded" culture. We are so grateful to have Sheldon leading our pool techs and the culture of the team has enhanced greatly since he started. Sheldon is married and has two children. 




Finance Department Team

Tiffany Katz - Accounts Receivable

She has over 11 year of experience of Customer Service accounting. Keeping precise financial data and accurate records of Customer’s information, bills and inventory usage. She is a key player of our finance team providing information/ creating financial reports and efficiently helping our customers understand their contracts and bills. 




Luisa Barreto - Accounts Payable

LuisaLuisa is a wife and mother of three. She has lived in the Florida Keys for many years and has been sowing into Reef Tropical for over six years. Luisa is knowledgeable in all aspects of the organization and works in the Finance Department. She specializes in the construction industry and facilitation of pay apps and construction documents. She has a great relationship with subcontractors and vendors to ensure they are financially equipped to carry on and partner with Reef Tropical on the various projects. Her favorite quote is "He who angers you owns you." She is consistently humble and bold. We are very blessed to have Luisa on our team. 



Abby Leon - Accounts Receivable

Abby LeonAbby is a mother to many in her personal family and to our team at Reef Tropical. She runs the collections part of our finance department and does an amazing job communicating kindly to our loyal customers about balances and payment terms. Abby has many years of experience in business administration, executive assistance and financial accounting. We are very grateful to have Abby on our team and for her to bring her skills and values to the family at Reef Tropical. 



Executive Servant Leaders

Mauro Echeverri - Senior Finance Director 

FIU DBA Portraits 2-196

Mauro Echeverri has worked for over 15 years as a Finance and Business Executive with global corporations like Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Tyco, and is currently the Senior Finance Director at Hotwire Communications. Prior to his recent role, he was the Head of Finance & Strategy at Swarovski for the Americas as well as the CFO, COO at Louis Vuitton for South America and the Caribbean. His major concentration is strategic growth, financial management, process improvement, transformations, and Shared Service Centers build up. He is a professor at several MBA programs with a concentration in Retail and Digital Business. He has been a Speaker in multiple large events, mainly in Corporate and Digital transformations. Mauro holds an Executive Leadership Degree from HULT Business School in London and master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. 


Juan Rodriguez - Human Resource Manager - Social Scientist - Senior Leader


Juan is leading from many perspectives operationally and in the Finance Department. He is skilled in relational abilities and knows how to get things done. He has over 19 years of experience in Finance by efficiently balancing accounts, reconciliation of statements and Managing A/P and A/R. He provides support to our Operations Department by analyzing financial performance against key business metrics and financial highlights. Juan is a husband and a father. We are so grateful to be working with Juan. 



Claude Kershner III - CEO & Visionary

Claude IIIClaude has been a dedicated, hardworking and innovative figure in the Pool and Landscape industry along with the South Florida business community. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, he has realized the possibilities of a service-oriented business in South Florida since 1998. 

He has helped shape hundreds of lives over the years through his dedication to the local community, his portrayal of effective leadership for charitable organizations, his influence mentoring his team and his ability to continually persist and enable others around him. Most recently, he has pressed forward in pool construction to build quality installations that are serviceable for the long term and provide joy and alleviate any concerns. 

Learn more about Claude III ---> Celebrating 17 Years

Call Claude at 305-367-2005 x1003, or email him at 

LinkedIn: Claude Kershner III Profile

Claude Kershner IV - President & Integrator

FIU DBA Portraits 2-221-1Claude Kershner IV is a father, husband and a service minded leader with a heart for people. He works closely with his staff on a regular basis to help them reach new heights in their lives through the vessel of Reef Tropical's mission. He is a certified business and life coach and went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, worked in commercial Real Estate for CB Richard Ellis for three years out of college and then proceeded to get his graduate degree (MBA) at Oklahoma State University in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He is also a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Candidate at FIU's Chapman School of Business class of 2022. He has been working for the family business most of his life. Now, his goal is to create value and opportunities for his staff and customers alike. Claude and his family regularly attend and serve at Christ Fellowship Church. He is a member at Peak360 Crossfit in Miami and the director of Faith RXD Miami Chapter. He is a former volunteer football coach at Coral Shores High School and now speaks to athletes through FCA huddles to help them develop character. Call Claude at 305-367-2005 x1004, or email him at 

                                                        LinkedIn: Claude Kershner IV Profile