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How to Add Value to Your Services

There are never enough hours in the day for general contractors. And if there were, you would just have more work.

Instead of piling up more on your plate as you build a new house, outsource your outdoor work to our team at Reef Tropical.

In addition to a full list of services — including pool design, engineering, automation, waterflow, construction and landscaping — we can also help you with all of the logistics. We will:

  • Expand on the architect’s idea for you or the client
  • Create a centerpiece for the outdoor entertainment area
  • Help you deliver a cost-efficient, quality product to the client
  • Talk with the client about the landscape installation and work

Our team will add value to the property and your services, while also making sure bids are fairly priced.

Submit an RFP, and we will send you a detailed bid breaking down the costs and what all our services include.

Renovate Your Workload

Knowing where to start (and what’s salvageable) is a major part of any landscape or pool renovation. We can help identify issues, offer solutions and incorporate those into the property.

Here are some of the services we offer for renovations:

  • Remove or relocate plants
  • Examine plants and palms to see if they can be saved
  • Add spas to pools to make them bigger (instead of altering its concrete shell)
  • See if structures are reusable
  • Remove structures and build a new pool as a consultant
  • Add new finishes, tiles and facades to pools without changing the integrity

Contact us about your renovation needs, or submit an RFP.

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