Dec 18, 2014 4:02:00 PM / by Claude Kershner IV


When you pay for weekly pool service, you expect your pool to be clean. Yet, what a pool company promises is not a clean pool. They promise that once a week a pool tech will spend between 25 and 40 minutes cleaning a particular pool. In the days that follow a thorough cleaning (just like washing a car), the wind, rain, debris from the deck, debris from a planter and debris from the roof can all affect a clean pool.

A 24/7 clean pool is the expectation that pool technicians struggle to meet unless they are there every day. Yet, a weekly cleaning coupled with a monthly charge has been the standard for our industry. This standard sets us up to have an inspection 5, 6, or 7 days post cleaning with a customer perceiving we are not doing the job.

By servicing a wide variety of pools i.e. residential, commercial, screened in, open, heavily vegetated, etc., Reef Tropical experiences a range of post and pre cleaning customer experiences and feedback. Since we cannot control the elements, answering the phone professionally, showing up promptly and correcting the pool are how we set our standards.


Experienced property managers, rental agents and detail oriented owners often call ahead with arrival dates, party plans, guests, etc. We welcome their input and work hard to meet their expectations - usually at no charge. We touch up the pool and return to our weekly schedule, knowing the pool will give the perfect first impression. This requires trust, communication and understanding from our customers. This relationship should be one you strive to achieve with your pool service provider.

The pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area and Reef Tropical want to keep it clean for your viewing and swimming pleasure to meet your expectations, especially this time of year. 

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Topics: Pool & Spa Maintenance

Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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