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You probably have your schedule down to a science: Shower daily, take the trash out weekly, pay your bills monthly and (hopefully) remember your spouse’s birthday yearly.

But how often your landscape needs maintenance isn’t as exact of a science as the above tasks.

You understand it requires mowing, trimming, blowing, pruning and other maintenance tasks, however, knowing the frequency it needs those services might not be as clear-cut.

To figure out the best maintenance schedule for your property, you need to figure out your budget for the services and how you expect your landscape to look week in and week out.

Check out these differences between weekly and biweekly services and how the landscape maintenance costs compare to make your decision.

Which Service Is Best for Your Landscape?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer on how often you should have your landscape maintained. It really comes down to personal preference and what is important to you.

A few components that can play into your decision are the maturity levels and types of plants you have on your property.

a pristine landscape in south florida

Newly installed plants will require more attention than mature ones since they aren’t as established. That could include ensuring the irrigation doesn’t get left off for a few days and possible pH adjustments, such as giving them foliar feedings. So, you may want someone on your landscape more often if you have recently installed plants or sod.

Your landscape’s location — whether it’s on the water or in full sun — doesn’t directly affect how often you need maintenance. But, your location does play a role in which plants you choose, and your plants help decide your maintenance schedule, since different plants grow at different speeds. For example, if your landscape has windy, shady conditions, you’re not going to install the same plants as you would if your property had full-sun conditions.

Get an even better idea of what service frequency is best for you by reading the customer descriptions below.


You want detail-oriented, higher-end services. You expect your landscape to look tight, clean and crisp. For example, you want very formal hedges and manicured landscape features. You have regular parties and guests, so your landscape needs to be in pristine condition each week.



Your main concern is the cost for the services, and you’re willing to deal with things like taller grass and palm frond debris to save some money. Your landscape has more of a free form or informal style.

The Bottom Line

You’re paying for the landscaper’s time: The more time you can afford to give them, the better your landscape is going to look.

If you’re still unsure about how much maintenance you need, ask yourself this question: Do you want a landscape that continuously looks pristine, or are you willing to let features grow out a little to save money? The answer to that will help determine which service option is best for your landscape.

How Landscape Maintenance Costs Compare

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that biweekly services would be half the price of having maintenance weekly. But, that’s probably one of the misconceptions we see with this service schedule.

beautiful landscape maintenance in florida

Biweekly maintenance does cost less than weekly, but it will actually require more time when the landscape service provider is there to get it in good condition.

Your grass, shrubs and plant beds will have more time to grow when the work is done every other week, compared to weekly, so the maintenance team will have to spend more time working on your landscape.

On average, the maintenance services will take 25 percent more time on a biweekly basis. So, if your landscape takes an hour weekly, for example, it would be about an hour and 15 minutes biweekly.

The price for your maintenance — both weekly and biweekly — will depend on the landscape’s size, services requested and if there’s any work needed to get the landscape to a maintainable level.

Let Reef Tropical Cater to Your Maintenance Needs

You need a maintenance plan that is specific to you and your needs.

We offer both weekly and biweekly landscape maintenance services and will help you figure out which is right for your expectations, landscape and budget. No matter what you choose, we’ll give you a high-quality product that enhances your property.

Beyond mowing, trimming and blowing, our maintenance services also cover things like checking the irrigation system, applying fertilizer and ridding your landscape of pests.

Contact Reef Tropical online or at 305-367-2005 to see which maintenance plan works best for you and your landscape.

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