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Virtuosity in Pool Service: Fostering Long-Term Strategies

Jun 1, 2021 8:24:28 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance, Pool & Spa Construction, Landscape Maintenance, Hiring a Pro, south Florida

As defined in gymnastics, virtuosity is "performing the common uncommonly well." My fitness coach taught me to apply this in training by focusing on the fundamentals above sophisticated movements, i.e., air squats vs. squat cleans. Candidly, I can use this mindset in everything I do, i.e. safely driving my car vs. leading a company. Likewise, in the pool & landscape industry, our field service teams must perform the essential things well because our service quality is on stage. Moreover, our customers readily recognize the basic stuff and our company efficacy is at risk if we do not learn how to perform the fundamentals exceptionally well and consistently.

So why are there still green pools and brown grass? The basic reoccurring requirements of our trade remain which can often lead to burnout and counter-productive behaviors, including negative compliance, work avoidance, unwarranted absenteeism, and failure to follow safety regulations. How is it possible for our management teams to maintain their joy and emotional health while addressing identical customer complaints? What does virtuosity look like in the work environment, and how can we apply this in our leadership? How can we instill values to do the basic things exceptionally well and onboard virtuosity? This article will begin to answer some of these questions and discuss ways to build a service-minded culture.

If you survey our customers, you will find that we are still far from perpetually sustaining quality in service delivery. Therefore, I am no expert in this conversation, and we are growing and learning just like others in the industry. Yet, based on numerous organizational interventions over the past years, our customers have experienced a renewed energy and passion for improving and addressing their needs. These changes have allowed the right customers to join us on the mission and professionally acknowledge our continual task completion duties under adverse and monotonous circumstances. Nevertheless, I'm profoundly aware that we will fail in our mission without a clear and sustainable purpose for executing these basic tasks "uncommonly well." So here are some things we do:

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Building People through Essential Business – A Family Story about Legacy

Aug 27, 2020 8:47:15 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Construction, Landscape Maintenance, Hiring a Pro

This story is dedicated to my daughter Harper who just entered the maintenance phase of her cancer journey after nine consecutive months of fighting. I love you Harper and I pray that one day you will read this story and it will help you through challenging times in your career. 

By writing this in the first person, my biases and personal experiences will shape the content of the story. Yet, just as our service minded team brings their authentic selves to pools and landscapes in South Florida each day, I want to bring a transparent and relatable story about family life and business at Reef Tropical to readers and followers. Maybe the story may move people towards action and shape beliefs, but primarily, it is a story of ethical and empowering leadership within a dynamic and competitive work environment.

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How Realtors Can Offer More Value by Partnering with Reef Tropical

Apr 7, 2017 5:03:00 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Hiring a Pro

The first thing a buyer sees when viewing homes for sale is the landscape. Often the first question a buyer has about that landscape is whether or not there is a pool. In South Florida, the swimming pool is a center for family life, entertaining and recreation. When a buyer asks, “Can we add a pool to the property?” you want to provide an accurate answer and connect with an expert in the field that can guide them through the process.

Because most buyers want to put their own mark on their properties, enhancing the landscape so they can enjoy that outdoor living space is a priority. Do you have a landscaping and pool provider partner you can rely on as a go-to and supportive resource for your buyers?

Realtors benefit when they can offer landscaping and pool services as an extension of their professional services. You can make sure buyers’ questions are answered before the sale, and include any important concessions in the deal that will allow their backyard dreams to come true.

After all, knowing the landscape’s needs, costs and possibilities could be the different between making a sale or having the prospect walk away.

For sellers, an impressive, pristine landscape could position their home to sell faster and for a higher dollar amount. (Realtors can secure discounted rates with Reef Tropical to help with already tight budgets because we value our partnerships with realtors.)

As a long-standing affiliate partner of The Florida Keys Board of Realtors, our team of 85-plus trained experts can assist realtors (with little or no out-of-pocket expense) so you can focus on achieving buyers’ and sellers’ goals.

Here’s how partnering with Reef Tropical as your landscape and pool “team” can benefit your clients who are buying and selling homes and position you as a realtor of choice.

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Pool & Landscape Clean Up for Guests & Holiday Parties

Nov 25, 2015 3:21:35 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Hiring a Pro

It is wintertime and I have a beautiful home in South Florida that I am sharing with my family and friends. In addition, my wife and I are planning a holiday party. In our preparations, besides the usual food, drinks and décor, I always focus on my outdoor living space. This space encapsulates the first impression and delivers a unique interactive experience for my guests.

As the president of Reef Tropical Pool and Landscape, here is what I have done to prepare.

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Prepare your home for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Aug 28, 2015 12:16:00 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Hiring a Pro

As homeowners in South Florida, you need to prepare your home for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes 

We are a pool and landscape service provider for hundreds of homes around South Florida. The Reef Tropical Team wants to share some facts and tips on preparing for these storms:   

 First and foremost, take care of your basic needs. The National Hurrican Center is the best source for infomation on that.

Landscape and Tree Preperations: Coconuts are missles! Trim Back Trees and Bushes 

  1. Make sure that any loose or dead limbs are cut back and removed from the property before a hurricane strikes
  2. Trim back any trees or bushes that have branches close to any window in the house
  3. Remove from trees and palms: any coconuts, fruits, and any fallen debris, which can fly through the air, and cause damage during a hurricane or tropical wind force

The trees that cause the most damage include: Australian pine tree, Mahogany, Ficus, Laurel Oak, Queen Palm and Tabebuia. Taking these precautions may help reduce property damage and keep your family safe.

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High Water Usage on my Property

Jun 1, 2015 3:59:00 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Hiring a Pro

Water usage is a major topic amongst vacation homeowners (second homes), contractors and managers this time of year (May – June) in South Florida. No one wants a high water bill. It is dry, hot and the days are long. Irrigation systems are running and weekend rentals are easy to sell. In this post, we will tell you what you can do to investigate any current high usage. In addition, we will go over systems or services you can put in place to prevent future occurrences.

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Importance of General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

Apr 15, 2015 12:10:00 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Hiring a Pro

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