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Vibrant blooms are a focal point in the landscape, and there are a range of flowering trees that thrive in South Florida and introduce color, texture and shape to your property.

Which flowering tree is best for your property? That depends. Are you looking for a specific color of flower to complement existing plants or to establish a theme? Do you need a flowering tree that is salt-tolerant because your property weathers ocean breezes? Do you prefer a tree that is compact to preserve views from your site—or, do you want to establish a natural screen with a flowering tree that offers coverage?

These are all questions to think about as you consider which flowering trees suit your needs and taste. Here is a list of our favorite 7 flowering trees for South Florida.

#1 Lignumvitae

This salt-tolerant flowering tree produces purple to blue flowers, which makes it an attractive option since this color tends to be limited. Flowers bloom February through May. The delicate looking tree is slow growing, so you’ll need to be patient. Once mature, its canopy creates an umbrella shape that provides shade.

#2 Bulnesia

flowering tree south florida-748706-edited.pngCommonly referred to as Vera Wood, the bulnesia is a cousin of lignumvitae but is much faster growing. It produces yellow flowers that crop up several times a year. With proper trimming, the flowering tree can be maintained at a small to medium size. Let it grow and you’ll gain a large, shade tree with cover that offers reprieve from the South Florida sun.

#3 Cassia Japonica

This is South Florida’s apple blossom tree, and it flowers with gorgeous white-pink blooms that appear in summer. There is a range of cassia trees, and the bonus is that they attract three types of Florida butterflies. Cassia fistula is known for its cascading flower clusters and often referred to as the Golden Shower Tree. Cassia Surattensis is a fast-growing that blooms twice annually. And, the Desert Cassia is the petite version, reaching up to 10 feet and blooming in spring and fall. This salt-tolerant evergreen can be the focal point of a butterfly garden.

#4 Dwarf Poinciana

Dwarf PoincianaThe fern-like foliage of this evergreen tree adds interesting texture to the landscape. The Dwarf Poinciana blooms with showy blossoms in combinations of orange-yellow, pink-rose and all yellow (the most rare to find). The compact size of this flowering tree makes it ideal for compact landscaped spaces, and you can even grow it in a large container.

#5 Jatropha Integerrima

Because this flowering tree produces blooms all year long, you’ll always have color. The plant is incredibly hardy and can be pruned to shrub size or trained to form a tree. In fact, it can handle year-round pruning. This cost-effective, easy care plant is a favorite because of its resilient nature and sweet, little red flowers that can provide a focal point in the landscape.

#6 Chorisia Speciosa

Chorisia_speciosa_C-155806-edited.jpgOtherwise known as the silk floss tree, this stunning variety attracts parrots. It has a green trunk with large thorns that are spectacular and add textural interest to the landscape. The pink and white flowers are as large as 6 inches in diameter, creating a showy display. Their shape is similar to hibiscus blooms. The flowering tree gets its nickname “silk floss” for its 8-inch fruit pods that, when open, reveal a fluffy matter that looks like cotton or silk.   

#7 Jacaranda

This medium-size tree creates vibrant, lavender flower clusters that are up to 12 inches in diameter. This large specimen tree can grow up to 40 feet tall. The drought-tolerant tree is easy to grow here in South Florida, but you do need to be mindful of its fragile bark and somewhat brittle branches. Strong winds can bring down these branches. For this reason, consider the planting location. (Avoid areas near parked cars, for example, where falling branches and debris could create damage.) The Jacaranda is often planted in parks, or as anchor trees in a community setting.

Plant a Showstopper

An experienced landscape contractor with horticultural knowledge can advise you on the best plants for your South Florida property. Whether you’re thinking about palm trees or flowering trees, let us guide you toward proven varieties that will make a big visual impact in your landscape.

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

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