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As homeowners in South Florida, you need to prepare your home for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes 

We are a pool and landscape service provider for hundreds of homes around South Florida. The Reef Tropical Team wants to share some facts and tips on preparing for these storms:   

 First and foremost, take care of your basic needs. The National Hurrican Center is the best source for infomation on that.

Landscape and Tree Preperations: Coconuts are missles! Trim Back Trees and Bushes 

  1. Make sure that any loose or dead limbs are cut back and removed from the property before a hurricane strikes
  2. Trim back any trees or bushes that have branches close to any window in the house
  3. Remove from trees and palms: any coconuts, fruits, and any fallen debris, which can fly through the air, and cause damage during a hurricane or tropical wind force

The trees that cause the most damage include: Australian pine tree, Mahogany, Ficus, Laurel Oak, Queen Palm and Tabebuia. Taking these precautions may help reduce property damage and keep your family safe.

Even if the hurricane does not hit your area directly, consider this practice for the next big hurricane warning. Make sure you complete your summer heavy pruning and do an irrigation check to ensure your rain sensor is operational. 

Pool and Spa Preperation: Your pool should be just fine if maintained properly. There is not much hurricane preperation needed.

  1. Might want to lower the water level if desired to prevent too much overflow 
    1. Make sure your pool has an overflow -it should have one and if not, get one 
  2. No need to add addtional clorine, or drain your pool if you have an overflow
  3. Make sure your pool is chemically balanced and serviced within 7 days after the storm
  4. Secure pertinent outdoor-mounted pumps, filters, chemical feeders and vats during the storm
  5. Might want to turn off electricity to the pool equipment 

Additional Preparations around house and patio: 

1. Secure Garbage Baskets and Covers
2. Take Down Patio Umbrellas & Secure tables, chairs, grills, gas tanks.... 
3. Close Window Awnings
4. Use Hurricane Shutters or Board Up Windows and Sliders
5. Secure Boats or Other Recreational Vehicles

Ask for more help 

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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