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Now Is The Time To Add Landscape Enhancements To Your South Florida Property

Dec 8, 2017 11:18:27 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Landscape Maintenance, Landscaping

Now is the time when snowbirds are planning their escape—they’re preparing for warmer days, balmy evenings by the pool, and plenty of time outdoors in the Florida sun. South Florida property owners who winter here want to make the most of their experience during the season.

Landscape enhancements that are performed now roll out the welcome mat. That includes putting down fresh mulch, replacing plants that have weathered damage, cleaning up the landscape (leaves, debris), and popping fresh flowers into beds. Not to mention, South Florida got hit hard in early fall with tropical storms, so some properties might require more attention than usual to prepare the landscape for time in South Florida this winter.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some practical landscape enhancements for your South Florida property that will get your grounds in shape so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor paradise. (We recommend doing these landscape enhancements now so you can enjoy them while you’re here!)

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8 Factors To Consider When Evaluating Multiple Pool And Spa Construction Proposals

Dec 1, 2017 5:04:47 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Construction

You’re preparing to decide which contractor to hire to build your South Florida pool or spa. You have a plan from an architect or designer—someone who has created a sketch or a more detailed rendering of your backyard dream. Now, it’s time to hire a pool construction company to make it a reality. You collected some contractors’ names and cold-called a couple others you found online. Now, you’ve got five contractors who are submitting proposals to build your pool. How do you understand and evaluate multiple pool and spa construction proposals?

We understand, this can be a daunting process. But, there are some fairly simple ways to compare proposals and determine if a pool contractor is truly qualified, experienced and fair. Here are eight important factors to consider when comparing multiple proposals so you can make the best choice.

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How To Tell If Your Pool Needs Resurfacing (5 Sure Signs)

Nov 22, 2017 8:59:00 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Repair and Renovation

Let’s face it—you lose pride in your pool when the surface looks shabby, not chic. If you gaze into the water and see a pool floor that looks like it has fallen on hard times—it’s just not inviting.

The reality is, most plaster pool surfaces are designed to last about 10 years. After that, the surface can show common signs of aging that are aesthetically unappealing, uncomfortable for swimmers, and degrading to the value of your pool and overall property.

But, there’s hope! There are a number of cutting-edge, modern options for pool resurfacing that will give your pool and space the updated look and feel you deserve. As a premium pool design, installation and service provider in South Florida, Reef Tropical has the opportunity to create and care for high-end luxury pools. Unfortunately, we also run into a lot of pools with poor construction, inadequate pool service and general issues that degrade the pool surface. The good news is, we partner with pool owners to help them breathe new life—and more value—into their pool/spa environments. It’s amazing how resurfacing a pool can elevate the entire experience you gain from your outdoor living space!

Whether your pool surface needs attention, or you want to update the look, there are options.

First, here are five sure signs that it’s time to resurface you swimming pool. And, we’ll share somepool surfacing options that are clients are loving. (We bet you’ll feel the same way.)

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What’s In My Pool? The Truth About Your Pool Water

Nov 2, 2017 10:25:53 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance

A pool technician arrives at your property to perform routine service—weekly pool cleaning for residences, and service three to five times a week for commercial properties. You see the pool cleaner take various measurements and then add some liquids and powder chemicals to the pool water. You might be wondering, “What is that stuff?” “Are those chemicals safe?” “How long should I wait to swim after the pool cleaner leaves?”

These are questions that our Certified Pool Operators (CPO) get often when they’re in the field servicing pools and spas. Ultimately, people want to know: Is my pool water safe? And, more specifically, some families are concerned about the health of babies, young children, pets or individuals with skin conditions that could be aggravated by chemicals.

We think these are important questions to ask your pool professional. As a wise consumer, it’s good to know exactly what is in your pool water—you need the truth.

The good news: When a trained, experienced CPO is cleaning your pool on a routine basis (as determined by the pool’s use and typical bather load), the water is safe for swimming. Pool water is healthy, well-balanced, clean and comfortable.

Let’s get more specific now and answer the question concerning what chemicals we add to pool water, what they do, and what other pool water safety concerns you should know about.

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After The Storm: Disaster Clean-Up After Hurricane Irma Destroys the Landscape & Pool

Sep 15, 2017 3:07:08 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance

Mother nature gave us a stern reminder of who’s really in charge when the catastrophic Category 4 Hurricane Irma hit land, devastating South Florida properties.

Many who have lived or visited The Keys for decades say this was the worst storm they experienced in their lifetime. Ninety percent of homes suffered some type of damage, according to a report issued by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). Irma destroyed 25% of houses in the Florida Keys, with 65% of homes weathering significant damage.

Now that the winds have died down and flood waters are settling, we face an overwhelming hurricane cleanup task that demands assistance from qualified, experienced professionals who can be on call around the clock.

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How To Protect Your Pool and Landscape During Hurricane Season

Aug 29, 2017 7:03:00 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, Tree and Shrub Care

The Florida Keys are a sought-after destination for tourists and property owners who own vacation homes in South Florida and appreciate the area’s stunningly beautiful environment. The beaches, the oceanfront homes, the luxury living and tropical climate make The Keys a true paradise. But nature isn’t perfect—hurricanes are a reality here, and you want to protect your pool and landscape from damage.

With hurricane-force winds, coconuts from your amazing palm tree become missiles and flying patio furniture can break through windows. Pools without proper overflows installed can flood.

The good news: You can prevent further property damage and protect your landscape and your pool during hurricane season by taking some precautions.

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General Contractors Can Add Value To Properties By Partnering With Reef Tropical

Aug 24, 2017 11:04:00 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Construction, Landscape Design

Let’s face it, no one can do it all. Building a house is your priority, but what’s outside is critical for boosting property value and providing the lifestyle homeowners seek in South Florida. By outsourcing pool and landscape design and installation—including pool and spa construction, landscape design and installation— you can save time and resources.

Reef Tropical has partnered with general contractors in South Florida for 20 years, and there is virtually no pool, spa or landscape issue we haven’t dealt with in our market. That’s why sophisticated general contractors including Coastal Construction, Suffolk Construction and Brodson Construction, among others, rely on our team to manage specific tasks related to the pool or landscape, or to take those components of their property developments from conception to completion. (Most turn the keys over to us because they know we are the pros in this space.) We specialize in creating and maintaining an outdoor entertainment area.

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The Top Issues We See When Maintaining Pools

Jul 12, 2017 5:03:00 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance

We care for hundreds of pools and spas in South Florida, and many are located at private clubs, luxury resorts and incredible estates. After decades of experience, our pool maintenance team has seen it all and we know to expect the unexpected.

What kind of unexpected issues do we find? Here are some of them.

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The Best Flowering Trees for South Florida

Jun 13, 2017 10:21:20 AM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Landscape Maintenance, Landscaping, Tree and Shrub Care, Landscape Design

Vibrant blooms are a focal point in the landscape, and there are a range of flowering trees that thrive in South Florida and introduce color, texture and shape to your property.

Which flowering tree is best for your property? That depends. Are you looking for a specific color of flower to complement existing plants or to establish a theme? Do you need a flowering tree that is salt-tolerant because your property weathers ocean breezes? Do you prefer a tree that is compact to preserve views from your site—or, do you want to establish a natural screen with a flowering tree that offers coverage?

These are all questions to think about as you consider which flowering trees suit your needs and taste. Here is a list of our favorite 7 flowering trees for South Florida.

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Do You Need A Saltwater Chlorine Generator?

Jun 2, 2017 1:26:22 PM / by Claude Kershner IV posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance

From the advertisements you read for saltwater chlorine generators, we understand how you might think that you will never have to add chlorine to your pool again, or even maintain it.  “Produce all the chlorine a pool needs.” “No need to buy, handle or store chemicals.” “Never worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool again.”

Is this true? Could a generator that converts food-grade into chlorine eliminate the need for adding chemicals to the water (therefore saving maintenance, materials and time)?

As with most things that seem too good to be true, such is the case with some claims you’ll hear about saltwater chlorine generators and their capabilities. Yes, they will convert food-grade salt into chlorinated water, therefore reducing the need to add concentrated chlorine to your Florida pool. So as a result, you will use less materials. (Though, we’ll point out that the cost of chlorine is an insignificant part of your pool maintenance bill.)

But what a saltwater chlorine generator will not do is eliminate the need to add any extra chlorine, or reduce pool maintenance. Your South Florida pool still requires cleaning and proper maintenance to ensure that the water is balanced and safe. You’ll still need to purchase chlorine, along with chemicals to sanitize the oxidize the pool, such as acid, sodium bicarbonate and stabilizer. (These chemicals preserve the pool finish and ensure equipment longevity.)

So, do you need a saltwater chlorine generator? You might benefit from one. Let’s talk about what it can do to improve your pool environment and its limitations so you can make the best decision for your Florida swimming pool.

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