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Now is the time when snowbirds are planning their escape—they’re preparing for warmer days, balmy evenings by the pool, and plenty of time outdoors in the Florida sun. South Florida property owners who winter here want to make the most of their experience during the season.

Landscape enhancements that are performed now roll out the welcome mat. That includes putting down fresh mulch, replacing plants that have weathered damage, cleaning up the landscape (leaves, debris), and popping fresh flowers into beds. Not to mention, South Florida got hit hard in early fall with tropical storms, so some properties might require more attention than usual to prepare the landscape for time in South Florida this winter.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some practical landscape enhancements for your South Florida property that will get your grounds in shape so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor paradise. (We recommend doing these landscape enhancements now so you can enjoy them while you’re here!)

Apply Fresh Mulch

Mulch acts like a fresh canvas for landscape beds. It creates an attractive background that accents plants and flowers—and more importantly, mulch preserves plant health. Mulch helps soil retain moisture and nutrients, and it regulates soil temperature. We recommend applying fresh mulch to your landscape beds at least annually.

Landscape enhancements South Florida

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Overgrown trees and shrubs can encroach on walkways and block stunning views. When plants grow too close against a home, they can unintentionally introduce pests to the structure. Also, plants must weather strong winds and tropical storm conditions in South Florida, which was especially the case this fall. Address overgrowth and storm damage now so your plants are in a position to establish new, healthy growth. Proper pruning assures safety, improves plant health and enhances the appearance of your landscape.

Trade Out ‘Expired’ Plants

Mature plants can outgrow their space in your landscape—and sometimes, plants age, look tired and need to be replaced. Now is a great time to change out “expired” or damaged plants and install fresh shrubs. A knowledgeable landscape provider will take stock of existing plants, address those with damage, and offer suggestions for new plants based on the property’s exposure to sun and salty winds. We also consider care requirements: How much work will it take to make the plant look good? (You want to spend your time enjoying South Florida, not watering your landscape.)LS.jpg

Add Pops of Color

Refresh your South Florida property with colorful annuals, or with perennials that will return every season (just as you do). At Reef Tropical, we take care to install flowers that are in bloom when you can enjoy them—during winter while you’re spending time on your South Florida property. (It doesn’t do a whole lot of good to have plants that flower in summer if you won’t be here to appreciate them!) Because of our tropical climate, there are a range of vibrant, colorful flowers that produce blooms year-round here. An experienced landscape firm can suggest the best flowers for your property based on your taste, the architecture and existing outdoor living design.

Care For Palm Trees

Pruning palm tree fronds and coconuts (before they fall and cause damage!) is important for not only general maintenance—but for improving the appearance of your South Florida landscape. Palm trees can create a mess by your pool and outdoor living spaces without proper care. While we recommend year-round landscape maintenance to keep your property looking its best even when you are not in South Florida to enjoy it—you’ll want to be sure that palm trees are tended to before you move in for the holidays and upcoming winter. That way, you can spend your time soaking in the sun rather than picking up after your palm trees.

palm tree

Perk Up The Poolside Landscape

Your pool and spa are the centerpiece of your outdoor living room. What truly makes this space a luxurious, resort-like environment is not just the pool structure—but also the landscape features that surround it. That’s why it is worthwhile to invest in plants that not only add color and texture, but create an artistic touch when you can view them in your pool’s reflection. Beyond plants, landscaping for the pool area can include outdoor grilling stations, dining spaces, cocktail areas and covered seating that provides shade from the Florida sun.

Enhance Your Landscape For Winter In South Florida

Prepare your South Florida property’s landscape before you arrive by enlisting in an experienced landscape company like Reef Tropical that you can trust to care for your grounds while you’re away. We’ll get you in shape for winter so when you arrive, you can enjoy all that your South Florida home has to offer.

Let’s talk more about maintaining and enhancing your outdoor paradise. Call us any time at 305-367-2005, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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