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Your pool is losing water, and you’re not sure why.

Is it a leak? Could there be a problem with the plumbing? Is the South Florida heat causing water to evaporate—and how much water loss is too much? If you’re examining your swimming pool and asking any of these questions, it’s a good idea to call your pool maintenance provider to find out whether there is a deeper issue.

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Low water level in the pool is a common reason for customers to call us, and we can identify the problem quickly. We urge property owners to reach out to us right away if they suspect their pool is losing water. That way, we can diagnose and fix any issues before they become costly repairs.

What Is A ‘Normal’ Amount Of Pool Water To Lose?

This is the very first question we address. It is completely typical to lose up to an inch of pool water per week. The reason: evaporation. Depending on the outside temperature, the pool run time and water features (water falls), your pool water level very well could drop a whole inch in a matter of seven days. This is O.K. and no cause for concern. However, if your pool and spa is losing more than 1 inch of water during a week’s time, call in the pool professional.

Common Reason A Pool Loses Water

You’re measuring more than 1 inch of water loss in a week. You call the pool professional, and you’re worried: What if there’s a major pool construction issue and you have to dig out the pool!? (Rest assured, this is rarely the case.) What could be the problem?

There are a few common reasons why a pool loses water. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • There’s a broken pipe in the plumbing.
  • The concrete shell is separating from the plastic edges of a skimmer, drain or pool light.
  • A hairline crack formed in the pool shell due to poor construction. (Reef Tropical finds this when inexperienced pool companies do not use best practices during installation.)

Figuring Out Why A Pool Is Losing Water

Now, you are certain your pool is losing more water than the average 1 inch per week, and we’ve explained the typical reasons this could be the case. Here’s how our pool maintenance team at Reef Tropical diagnoses pool water loss.

  • Determine evaporation factors: First, we take into consideration the variables that could result in water evaporating from the pool. Some pools lose more water because of features like waterfalls, a warmer pool water temperature or outside temperature. Once we rule out evaporation, we move on to other diagnostics.
  • Perform a dye test: A pool maintenance technician will go into the pool with dye and investigate the areas around lights, the main drain and skimmer. Often, the plastic edges of these features can age and become brittle, separating from the concrete surround. Then, some water loss can occur. A dye test will show where water is leaking. Then, cracks can be sealed. This involves draining the pool water level to the cracked area to make the fix.
  • Check plumbing pressure: Another test is to check plumbing to see if it “holds” pressure. This is done by putting the plumbing under pressure, then using a sonar listening device to detect breaks, bends or cracks in pipes. Because of our sandy Florida soil, settling can occur over time, which can result in pipes breaking. To fix the issue, broken plumbing parts are removed and replaced. (Plumbing can be above ground and under the pool deck, so the extent of the repair depends on the location of the pipe break.)


Don’t Drain Your Budget: Keep Up With Regular Pool Service

Pool water loss is one of the top issues we see when maintaining pools. Usually, we can identify and fix the problem quickly—that is, if the pool water concern is tackled right away. So, if you suspect that your pool is losing more water than it should, don’t wait to call in the pool professional. Questions? Call us any time at 305.367.2005, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

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