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Landscape lighting is fun:

Your landscape lighting consultant should show you just how enjoyable this process can be. Lighting adds a completely different character to your property at night. You can shape your property into a night time artistic pleasure for both you and your neighbors to enjoy. As a commercial property or business, it is a no brainier and attracts the right kind of attention. 

The fun aspect is the drawing board. Once a system is laid out, you can change color's, positions, bulb strength, focus, add or take away lights, incorporate focal points and display architecture. Every system we have set up, we spend one or two nights walking the property and tweaking the system into perfection. 

Landscape lighting is beautiful:

Landscaping needs to be appreciated at night. The colors and shadows can be magnificent and when done the right way it can be discrete yet flashy. My favorite palm's to light up are Bismark and Date


Palms. The character of the trunks and fronds are magnificent and highlighted in a way that can't be done during the day. Understanding and appreciating lighting opens up a whole new world of beauty. 

Landscape lighting is simple: 

You should be able to contact a landscape consultant, design a lighting system, install the system and start appreciating your lighting within a week and within a reasonable budget. Typical systems sell for between 6k and 10k.

Reef Tropical Landscape only specs one unique brand of lighting with Coastal Source. Coastal lighting is revolutionizing the lighting business. The fixtures are reliable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to change and fun to install. Reef Tropical has two Coastal Source certified landscape lighting designers and installers. Keys landscaping and lighting is improving every day. 

Here are some examples of fixtures and projects. We also threw in some pictures from a recent Coastal Training Seminar. Enjoy! 

To schedule a meeting with a landscape consultant, click here and email Reef Tropical or call 305.367.2005
To learn more about Coastal Source: 
Visit Coastal Source Website

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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