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The first thing a buyer sees when viewing homes for sale is the landscape. Often the first question a buyer has about that landscape is whether or not there is a pool. In South Florida, the swimming pool is a center for family life, entertaining and recreation. When a buyer asks, “Can we add a pool to the property?” you want to provide an accurate answer and connect with an expert in the field that can guide them through the process.

Because most buyers want to put their own mark on their properties, enhancing the landscape so they can enjoy that outdoor living space is a priority. Do you have a landscaping and pool provider partner you can rely on as a go-to and supportive resource for your buyers?

Realtors benefit when they can offer landscaping and pool services as an extension of their professional services. You can make sure buyers’ questions are answered before the sale, and include any important concessions in the deal that will allow their backyard dreams to come true.

After all, knowing the landscape’s needs, costs and possibilities could be the different between making a sale or having the prospect walk away.

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For sellers, an impressive, pristine landscape could position their home to sell faster and for a higher dollar amount. (Realtors can secure discounted rates with Reef Tropical to help with already tight budgets because we value our partnerships with realtors.)

As a long-standing affiliate partner of The Florida Keys Board of Realtors, our team of 85-plus trained experts can assist realtors (with little or no out-of-pocket expense) so you can focus on achieving buyers’ and sellers’ goals.

Here’s how partnering with Reef Tropical as your landscape and pool “team” can benefit your clients who are buying and selling homes and position you as a realtor of choice.

Get Answers to Buyers’ Pool and Landscape Questions

Buyers are looking for a way to put their personal stamp on the home they purchase. When they’re touring houses for sale, they want to envision how they could transform the property to suit their taste and lifestyle. Having a partnership with a professional landscaper and pool provider is valuable because you can help buyers realize this vision and answer all of their questions during the buying process.

At Reef Tropical, we support realtors who are working with buyers by surveying properties and explaining what will work. For example, can a pool be built? What is the permit process? How can an existing pool be renovated?

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We also inspect landscapes and pools and report any issues that could result in costs down the road. We can prepare a report that details what steps would be necessary to:

1) bring a pool up to code

2) ensure that a pool is safe and built with structural integrity

3) maintain the pool and landscape to retain their value

We provide cost estimates for work to help buyers plan in advance, and we connect buyers with South Florida’s best landscape designers. We work closely with a number of reputable designers in order to implement and install landscapes.

Realtors tell us that having a landscape and pool provider resource at hand brings peace of mind to buyers. They get their questions answered. They feel confident about the property they are about to buy—and our services can help them close a deal. (Our goal is to help make realtors’ jobs easier.)

Get Curb Appeal to Sell Homes Faster  

clean landscapeWhat if you are a realtor representing a seller? Curb appeal is a significant factor in drawing in buyers. If people drive by a listing and are not attracted to its appearance, they won’t bother walking into an open house or requesting a showing. The property should look its best at all times while on the market to impress buyers, and this can be an overwhelming proposition to busy sellers (some of whom might not live in South Florida full-time). 

Rather than providing the suggestion to improve curb appeal, realtors can offer a solution: landscaping cleanup, enhancement and maintenance services at a discounted rate for realty professionals. Why would we offer a promotion to realtors representing sellers? We know that property appearance is a huge driver in getting a home sold. We also know that buyers are likely to continue services with a landscape professional that is already making the yard look beautiful. Everyone wins.

Some services we provide to sellers include: adding flowers, mulching and general landscape maintenance; cleaning the pool for showings and open houses; and overall enhancements to improve curb appeal.

A Beautiful Partnership: Landscape Professionals Can Support Realtors

In the fast-paced, competitive South Florida real estate market, sellers that want to get their homes under contract fast can’t afford to ignore curb appeal and the current condition of their pool and landscape. Buyers should not take the risk of signing a contract until they are certain they can pursue the pool and landscape projects they desire. Realtors benefit when they can call on a respected professional in the landscape and pool industry as an extension of the services they provide buyers and sellers.

Let’s talk about how Reef Tropical can support your real estate business. We can assist during every step of the buying and selling process to help improve the value and marketability of your listings. Our professionals are in a neighborhood near you, ready to help assess any situation.

Call us at 305.367.2005, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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