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Our philosophy with aesthetics on infinity edge and perimeter overflow pools is as follows: The surface area of these custom pools are the focal point of their beauty. Therefore, we believe that the cleanliness of the surface area is imperative and enhances the reflective value of the water. Along with water quality, this cleanliness allows the finish to sparkle in the sun light, moon light and the surrounding lighting - a single leaf compromises the look.


Perimeter Overflow: A perimeter overflow pool does not have a skimmer. Instead, the dirt and leaves are circulated and sucked into the perimeter water trough. The edge acts like a skimmer at all times and the debris gets pulled into the tank. The tank needs to be cleaned periodically and this can be a pain if not designed and built well during pool construction.

Infinity Edge: With an infinity edge, the water is spilling over a particular edge into the trough, which is essentially a big skimmer. Yet, this is not sufficient. There are other areas of the pool that may not be circulating towards the edge and can have leaves, dirt or build up on the surface. The skimmer should be supplementing the infinity edge. Also, during the seldom times of year when you don’t want to use the infinity edge and skimmer together, the skimmer will still clean the surface of the pool when the water level is down an inch.


With that, in an infinity edge pool, we believe in installing skimmers in strategically located areas. The additional skimmer can remove dirt in the areas furthest from that infinity edge to have a uniform cleanliness. Hiding the skimmer from eyesight should be a priority.

Also, it is true that some customers will “abandon” the infinity edge overflow during certain times of the year (vacations, long periods away, etc.) and this is where the skimmers role will come into a larger play.

Infinity edge pools can certainly be built without skimmers but this may cause problems and conflict with our surface area “philosophy”. They will also need vacuum ports if there is no skimmer.

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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