Jul 28, 2015 5:28:00 PM / by Claude Kershner IV

Reef Tropical Pools executives and select staff took a day and visited Jupiter FL to see Alvaro Mendoza, President of Commercial Energy Specialists (CES), and got a tour around his facility.  


The concept of 24/7 pool monitoring and troubleshooting is now a reality. Al and CES are on the cutting edge of pool and spa water quality. They have designed, manufactured and sell a specific set of control systems that are certainly changing the way pools are maintained and monitored. Reef Tropical learned a lot visiting Al, meeting his staff, seeing his monitoring screens and talking about how this can benefit our customers. These custom chemical and equipment control systems along with the software and support reduce liability for owners and reduce energy consumption – this is very exciting to offer our customers. Correspondingly, they help save money on water usage, equipment repair and added chemical costs.

The Next Steps For Cutting Edge Pool Maintenance


The staff at Reef Tropical Pools is embracing and beginning to train on this hardware and software. We are currently using the monitoring software from our PDA’s on a few maintenance accounts, installing new systems for interested customers and educating property managers, both commercial and residential, on the features and benefits. Our goal is to present these options on select maintenance accounts as a consultant, save our customers money and improve our ability to service the account / troubleshoot malfunctions - ongoing pool controls, chemical monitoring and chemical controls. 

About The Systems

The control systems give the end user, Reef Tropical and CES the ability to help monitor and control pools from any PC, smart phone or tablet. Essentially, the control system’s help protect you, your guests or your patrons 24/7 and make it easier to enjoy the water feature all while saving time and money.

Specific Advantages Include

  1. Continuously add chemicals without the peaks and valleys of dumping
  2. Reduce the need to replace motors and pumps as often
  3. Extend the life of pool finishes, filters, heaters and accessories
  4. Help control water levels
  5. Assist in the early detection of leaks
  6. Send alerts when filters need to be cleaned
  7. Control temperature settings of pool / spa
  8. Alert maintenance companies when personnel needs to be dispatched

imgThese systems are installed in many well-known commercial pools, resorts and private communities. There are case studies, costs analysis and considerable documentation as to why the product, software and monitoring service is beneficial. All commercial pools are unique as they have stringent Department of Health (DOH) standards and usage restrictions. Therefore, this is a dramatic improvement in mitigating risk, enforcing maintenance controls and complying to code. We also consider busy vacation rental pools and hand selected residential accounts (sensitive skin, health conscious, multiple children, pregnant women, celebrities, etc.) to be in the market for these automations and controls.   

  1. Commercial Pools & Spas – DOH Standards
  2. Vacation Rentals – Highly Trafficked and Altered
  3. Hand Selected Residential – Sensitivity and Selectiveness

Not only will these systems and controls directly benefit the customer, it will also allow a pool maintenance company to better alert their customer of complications or issues and dispatch personnel to correct. The concept of 24/7 pool monitoring and troubleshooting is now a reality. 

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

President Reef Tropical • Pool & Landscape

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