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Do You Need A Saltwater Chlorine Generator?

Jun 2, 2017 1:26:22 PM / by David Minchener posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance

From the advertisements you read for saltwater chlorine generators, we understand how you might think that you will never have to add chlorine to your pool again, or even maintain it.  “Produce all the chlorine a pool needs.” “No need to buy, handle or store chemicals.” “Never worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool again.”

Is this true? Could a generator that converts food-grade into chlorine eliminate the need for adding chemicals to the water (therefore saving maintenance, materials and time)?

As with most things that seem too good to be true, such is the case with some claims you’ll hear about saltwater chlorine generators and their capabilities. Yes, they will convert food-grade salt into chlorinated water, therefore reducing the need to add concentrated chlorine to your Florida pool. So as a result, you will use less materials. (Though, we’ll point out that the cost of chlorine is an insignificant part of your pool maintenance bill.)

But what a saltwater chlorine generator will not do is eliminate the need to add any extra chlorine, or reduce pool maintenance. Your South Florida pool still requires cleaning and proper maintenance to ensure that the water is balanced and safe. You’ll still need to purchase chlorine, along with chemicals to sanitize the oxidize the pool, such as acid, sodium bicarbonate and stabilizer. (These chemicals preserve the pool finish and ensure equipment longevity.)

So, do you need a saltwater chlorine generator? You might benefit from one. Let’s talk about what it can do to improve your pool environment and its limitations so you can make the best decision for your Florida swimming pool.

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Your Guide to Hiring a Commercial Pool Service in Miami and South Florida

Feb 10, 2017 7:24:00 AM / by David Minchener posted in Pool & Spa Maintenance

You’re a property manager charged with overseeing a commercial pool at your South Florida resort, condominium or club. You have staff caring for the grounds, but the pool is a different story. It requires more attention and knowledge of chemicals and pool mechanicals. There are codes and regulations that must be met in order for the pool to be open to the public. (“Pool closed” is not an option at your resort—people expect to enjoy the water.)

You’re hiring a commercial pool service, but how do you select the best professional for the job?

Here are four questions to ask before hiring a commercial pool service to help you choose a knowledgeable, experienced partner to maintain the safety, health and beauty of your commercial swimming pool.

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