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More and more frequently, Florida landscaping companies are recieving requests to submit annual plans to cover the 7 Steps to a Well Maintained Property. This way, a customer can predict their annual cost. Reef Tropical can help you predict, plan and budget for these landscaping expenses. 

Reef Tropical LandscapingReef Tropical Landscaping

7 Steps to a Well Maintained Property include:

  1. Properly working irrigation system - Most Florida landscaping is not native and needs irrigation - get a rain sensor 

  2. Quality regular maintenance (either weekly or biweekly)  Keeping the property clean and help control over growth
  3. Summer heavy pruning - Florida landscaping must for healthy plant and shrub growth

  4. Quarterly granular fertilization - Like taking your vitamins 

  5. Pest, fungus and minor elements of nutrition treatments as needed - Some pests can absolutely destroy your landscape - do what a professional recommends 

  6. High tree work to keep trees healthy and shaped - Also keep them off the house, important for coconut trees as well 

  7. Periodic reinvestment in new landscape material (budgeted amount) - Plants die and looks get old - reinvest 

Recent proposals range from $4,500.00 to $15,000.00 a year depending on the complexities of the landscaping and the level of desire for beauty. These proposals include quarterly budgets for replacement plants at the discretion of the landscape manager. They also include one price for granular fertilization, pest and fungal control along with minor elements of liquid or additional granular. Lastly, monthly preventative checks on the irrigation, a common area cleaning and trimming of pool patio plants.

Reef Tropical Landscaping

Storm clean ups or major renovations are unredicatble, but a professional landscaping company can help make managing this easier.

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Claude Kershner IV

Written by Claude Kershner IV

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